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Elevator air purifier has good virus killing effect 2020-05-13
 Elevator air purifier has good virus killing effect
After NEWBASE independently developed a purifier capable of killing virus, it has been widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, office spaces and other places. We soon realized that elevators are the most infectious public places that are easily overlooked. The flow of people in the elevator is too dense, and people entering the elevator are 'face to face'. In order to solve the problem of viruses in the elevator, we have developed an air purifier specifically for the elevator space, hoping to fill the virus The sol spreading blind spot.
Airway droplets and intimate contact are the most widely known routes of virus transmission. The elevator car space is small, the whole process is closed during the operation, and the air circulation is not smooth. "High Risk Places". In other words, even if the elevator is empty, the virus may be hidden in the aerosol. Due to the poor ventilation and good airtightness of the elevator, the high-concentration aerosol containing the virus will not disperse in the elevator for a long time, so that people who enter the elevator will be infected. virus.
NEWBASE Elevator Air Purifier realizes triple killing, killing, filtering and eliminating, effectively captures and kills viruses in the air, reduces the concentration of viruses in the air, and makes people take the elevator more safely. After professional field tests, authoritative laboratory testing data shows that NEWBASE air purifier can effectively kill viruses in the air and reduce the risk of virus transmission in the air.