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  • electric bus ac control
DC230204 Electric Bus Air Condition Controller

Main functions:

  • Cooling
  • Fan speed regulation
  • Temp regulation
  • Power volume indication
  • Compressor speed regulation

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DC230204 Electric air conditioner controller used for electric bus air conditioner.

Main functions:
Power supply; Power battery indication; Compressor speed/Evaporate fan adjusting & indication.


TianXiang ACC


Power supply


Power consumption







1) Compressor speed control voltage output

2) Condense fan/ compressor relay voltage control

3) Evaporate fan speed adjusting signal

Dimension Drawing 

Controller appearance instruction

1-  Evaporator fan speed indication.

2.-  Compressor rotate speed (temp) Indication

3-  Low battery warning

4-  Battery volume indication

5-  Battery charging indication

6-  Power indicator light

7-  Compressor working indication

8-  Compressor on /off

9-  Power on/off

10-  Compressor rotate speed up (temp down)

11-  Compressor rotate speed down (temp up)

12-  Evaporator fan speed (up)

13-  Evaporator fan speed (down)

14-  PET cover

1.       DC electric air condition control design

2.       Program customer design available

3.       Logo customer-oriental design

4.       Power volume indication


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