Vehicle Air Purification

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In a closed air-conditioned car, the virus transmission distance may exceed the currently considered droplet transmission distance (usually 1m).

"The possible reason is that in a completely enclosed space, the flow of air is mainly driven by the hot air generated by the air conditioner. The rise of hot air can transport virus-borne droplets to a long distance, far exceeding the commonly recognized distance of 1m. The study said that the new coronavirus has the possibility of aerosol transmission in a closed environment. Moreover, in a closed environment affected by air conditioning wind, the spread distance of the new coronavirus will exceed the commonly recognized distance of 1 to 2m.

In the year of 2020, coronavirus expand all over the world and more people focus on whether the air that we breathe is clean, fresh and safe.
At present, the bus has become an important means of transportation for people. During the driving of the bus, all doors and windows must be closed for safety reasons. The air quality in the car is relatively poor. The car air conditioning circulation system cannot fundamentally solve the bacteria and viruses in the air The problem of air pollution in the car, such as dryness, smoke, and odor, affects the health of the people in the car. How to purify the air in the bus has become a technical problem that people urgently need to solve.
Now NEWBASE promote our Vehicle Air Purification System for the bus air conditioners, which to keep a safe trip with buses!
Brief Introduction of the Vehicle Air Purification System
This small device is designed for purify air, it can block and kill all kinds of virus such as coronavirus,  influenza viruses and SARS viruses effectively. Also it can also block the dust, haze, PM2.5, and other materials in the air.


Device's 3 “Black Technology”---1 Plasma technology(High voltage pulse)
1.The working principle of an ion purifier is to implement tip discharges in small units. Under the action of an electric field, a large number of small ion groups are generated, and small ions collide with oxygen molecules in the air to form positive and negative oxygen.
Positive oxygen ion:
Positive oxygen ions have strong activity, can oxidize and decompose
pollution factors such as methyl mercaptan, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and open the chemical chain of organic volatile gases in a short period of time. After a series of reactions, carbon dioxide and water.
Positive oxygen ions can destroy the living environment of bacteria in the air, make bacteria and spores inactive, and can no longer reproduce, thereby reducing the indoor bacteria concentration.
Negative oxygen ions:
It can absorb suspended particles that are tens of times larger than its own weight and settle down by its own weight, thereby removing suspended colloids (aerosols) in the air to purify the air.

Device's 3 “Black Technology”---2 (Photocatalytic catalysis)
Photocatalytic purification technology utilizes the photocatalytic effect of nanomaterials for air treatment.
It cooperates with the electrostatic adsorption plant to effectively treat volatile gas pollutants and bacterial microorganism pollutants.
Device's 3 “Black Technology”---3 (UVC Ultraviolet radiator)
Ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA(ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms by using ultraviolet rays of appropriate wavelengths,
causing growth cell death and regenerative cell death to achieve the effect of sterilization.

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