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Elevator air disinfection and sterilization equipment efficiently eliminate viruses 2020-05-13
 Elevator air disinfection and sterilization equipment efficiently eliminate viruses
Elevator is not only a necessary place for people's daily life. Due to the high risk of infection and uncertainty of illness, many residential areas such as communities and shopping malls simply shut down the elevator. In fact, the action to shut down the elevator is not "over worrying". Medical experts say that according to the degree of danger, the elevator is the most dangerous place in the office. In the elevator, if someone just coughs or sneezes and leaves, you think you have entered the empty elevator, but in fact The elevator is full of bacteria! "
After the elevator became a "forbidden place", it caused many inconveniences for people to travel and work.
It is reported that NEWBASE elevator air disinfection and sterilization equipment can continue to adsorb and purify the air contaminants inside the elevator with the elevator circulation and repetitive operation in response to the characteristics of the elevator's long operating time and complex environment. For aerosols and particulate matter, the NEWBASE elevator air purifier can purify and dilute extremely quickly, so that the virus has no room for survival.