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Coronavirus and elevators 2021-05-21
How to disinfect and sterilize the air in a closed elevator, which can maintain the state in real time and is harmless to the human body
The new type of coronavirus has aerosol transmission method, but it is not easy to spread outdoors or in a well-ventilated environment. Its hazards are mainly in closed and narrow spaces with difficult air circulation. For example, in an elevator,
Hotel elevator
If there are patients with the incubation period who carry the virus, the virus will be suspended in the air in the form of aerosol in the elevator, and it can survive in the elevator for several hours without good ventilation. In these few hours, if there are other passengers on board, it is easy to be infected. Especially when there is no one else in the elevator and mistakenly think it is safe, take off the mask, then it is very dangerous. Therefore, it is very necessary to disinfect the elevator frequently. The current common practice is to spray alcohol, but this method mainly affects the elevator surroundings and the ground, and has a small effect on the air, and cannot be disinfected continuously for 24 hours.
So is there a better disinfection method? To this end, NEWBASE has developed an elevator air disinfection machine.
 Elevator air purifier
Elevator air disinfection machine
The installation method is as follows:
 Elevator air disinfection machine
Installation method of elevator air disinfection machine