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Coronavirus and buses 2021-05-21

The bus is a relatively confined space, and there is a possibility of the spread of coronavirus aerosol in a relatively closed environment.
If the window is opened, will the risk of infection be reduced?

Bus air purifier
The doctor said: Aerosol transmission requires certain conditions, such as a bus or room in a sealed environment. Aerosols are formed by water droplets suspended in the air. When they reach a certain concentration, they carry some viruses and may be infectious; and if the concentration is very low or in a ventilated state, the small aerosol droplets cannot stop at all, and it is easy. If it is blown away, the infectivity will decrease.
The new coronavirus can survive for several hours at 37°C
The doctor pointed out that the new coronavirus can survive for several hours at a temperature of 37°C. Even if the patient has got off the bus and the bus is not ventilated or disinfected, the virus in the aerosol may still survive, and other people may be infected when they get on the bus.
And if the bus is disinfected and ventilated, or the person who gets on the bus takes protective measures and wears a mask, the infection will not necessarily occur in this environment.
The doctor reminded that now is a critical moment for resumption of work and production, and self-protection must be done on public transportation. For people who need to take subways, buses and other public transportation to work, they can master two protection skills: one is to wear a mask, and the other is to wear a coat with a smooth surface as much as possible, because the new crown virus is more likely to lose infection on the surface of a smooth object. active. After taking public transportation, it is best to take off your coat and hang it in a ventilated place, or wipe a little alcohol for disinfection. In addition, be careful not to rub your eyes with your hands as much as possible in public places.
Expert advice: Install bus air purifiers as much as possible on buses, and carry out continuous sterilization and disinfection of the air to ensure the safety of passengers.

bus air purifier