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Introduction of car air conditioner control panel 2021-05-08

Introduction of car air conditioner control panel

Composition of automotive air conditioning system

Modern air conditioning system consists of refrigeration system, heating system, ventilation and air purification device and control system.
The car air conditioner control panel belongs to a control device of automobile air conditioning equipment.Adjust the automotive air conditioning system with functions of refrigeration, ventilation, defrosting. All the equipment is firmly installed, control devices and control mechanisms can rotate flexibly, operate freely and have safe and reliable performance.
The automobile air conditioning system is a device that can refrigerate, heat, exchange and purify the air in the car.It can provide comfortable driving environment for riders, reduce the fatigue strength of drivers and improve driving safety.Air conditioning has become one of the marks to measure whether a car is fully functional.

Automotive air conditioning system type

1. Driving methods are divided into: independent (a dedicated engine-driven compressor with large refrigeration capacity and stable operation, but with high cost, large volume and weight, mostly used in large and medium-sized buses) and non-independent (air conditioning compressor driven by car engine, refrigeration performance is greatly affected by engine work, poor stability, mostly used in small buses and cars).
2. According to the performance of air conditioning, it can be divided into: the first single function type (installing and operating the refrigeration, heating and ventilation systems separately, with no interference from each other, mostly used on large passenger cars and trucks) and the combined refrigeration and heating (cooling, heating and ventilation shared blowers and air ducts), which are controlled on the same control panel.The operation can be divided into two types: combined operation of warm and cold air and mixed operation of warm and cold air at the same time.Cars use mixed thermostat).
The control methods are divided into manual (dialing the function keys on the control panel to control the temperature, wind speed and direction) and electronic pneumatic adjustment (using the vacuum control mechanism, when the air conditioning function keys are selected, the temperature and air volume can be automatically controlled within the preset temperature).
3. According to the mode of control, it can be divided into: full automatic adjustment (control and adjustment of temperature and air volume by sensor signal and pre-adjustment signal control and adjustment mechanism using calculation and comparison circuit) and full automatic adjustment by computer control (control center by computer to achieve the best control and adjustment of all-round and multi-functional air environment in car).

Layout of air conditioning system

The layout of different types of air conditioning systems varies.At present, the integrated cooling and heating air-conditioning system is widely used in cars.Its layout is composed of evaporator, heater radiator, centrifugal blower, control mechanism and so on, which is called air conditioner assembly.