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An essential fresh air system for car air conditioning: 2020-10-11
 In the fast-paced lifestyle now, cars have become our indispensable means of transportation.

However, when taking public transportation such as buses and buses, the air quality in confined spaces cannot be guaranteed due to the large number of people. What should I do if I want to breathe healthy and fresh air?

You might say that opening the windows of the car is ok, but what should you do when the surrounding weather conditions do not allow you to open the windows?

In order to solve this problem, the fresh air system came into being


So what is the fresh air system?

It consists of two parts: damper and actuator.

The actuator is controlled to rotate through the controller to drive the fan sheet to rotate. When the fan sheet rotates to block the fresh air inlet at the bottom, the old air inlet on the back opens. At this time, fresh air is introduced from the outside to achieve external circulation; when the fan sheet rotates to block the fresh air inlet When the old air inlet on the back, the fresh air inlet at the bottom opens, the indoor air enters through the old air inlet, and the indoor air is filtered through the filter to achieve internal circulation. The baffle is connected with the actuator through the rotating shaft. One of the fresh air inlet and the old air inlet is always open and the other closed.The fan sheet plate is provided with a sealing layer at a position where the fan sheet is in contact with the fresh air inlet or the old air inlet. The existence of the sealing layer increases the sealing effect of the baffle on the fresh air inlet and the old air inlet, and realizes the smooth switching between the internal and external circulation.


Installation location of fresh air system



Newbase fresh air system

As a leader in the automotive air-conditioning industry, Newbase has also made outstanding achievements in fresh air systems.

We have independently developed and produced a variety of fresh air damper products, as shown below:



However, it is divided into the following categories according to the different implementing agencies:


2-wire ON/OFF type, turn on/off the fresh air system by switching the positive and negative wire of power supply.


3-wire ON/OFF type, turn on/off the fresh air system by connecting or disconnecting the control wire


5-wire stepless type, drive the fresh air system with stepless opening by controller program refering to the position feedback from valve actuator.


7-wire step type, drive the fresh air system with specific 5 openings by get though the different terminal. 




Newbase found in 1993,is the national high-tech enterprises.

We have more than 20 years production experience, one of the earliest manufacturer of vehicle HVAC control system, fresh air system and servo motor in China and we have the most complete production line in vehicular climate control system field and we are also the largest market share and supporting volume of automotive fresh air system suppliers.


Newbase will carry out the core values of Focus/Attention/Professional and serve you at any time.