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Bus Air Conditioner Control
Mini bus,Truck,Van,Car Air Conditon Controller
Electric Air Condition Controller
Transport Refrigeration Unit Controller
Heating Valve
Motor AC Blend Door Actuator
Fresh Air Damper
Relay Board
Bus/Van/Car Air purfication unit
Elevator/Hotel room/Home use air purification unit
Fight Against Coronavirus Area
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NEWBASE workshop Production flow 2 2020-09-29
1.Check if there is oxidation on components and PCB pad.
Check if the ingredient of solder paste meet the requirement, check the IC pins and its coplanarity
2.Get ready the PCB group, if require, bake them in the oven.
3.Edit the chip coordinate and leading them in SMT computer.
4.Print the solder paste onto PCB pad with printer, scraper steel printing mesh 
5.Inspect in case of any missing, adhesion, amount excess  or less
6.Put the printed PCB on feed track, mounting by full automatic SMT machine.
7.Inspect in case of any mistake, opposite mounting or miss, then repair
8.Check the work condition of  reflow soldering, such as temp. curve setting, then weld by reflow soldering equipment
9.Automatic inspection by AOI, then do the plug-in components welding with welding robot or manual station.