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What is automotive ion generator 2021-04-29

The function of automobile negative ion generator is to make air negative ions, which can activate oxygen molecules in the air effectively, make them more active and easy to be absorbed by the human body, and prevent diseases effectively.

Negative ion action:

1. Activate various enzymes in the body to promote metabolism;
2. It can change the body reaction ability, activate the function of reticuloendothelial system, and enhance the body immunity.
3. The effect of negative oxygen ions can make people energized, work efficiency improved, sleep improved, and have obvious analgesic effect.
4. The negative ion generator produces a large number of negative ions and also produces trace ozone. The combination of the two can easily absorb various viruses and bacteria, resulting in structural changes or energy transfer, leading to their death. Dust removal and sterilization can reduce the harm of second-hand smoke more effectively.