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What is a negative ion generator 2021-04-29
The negative ion generator is a device that generates air ions. It processes the input DC or AC power through EMI processing circuit and lightning protection circuit, and then passes through pulse circuit to limit the current by over voltage.High and low voltage isolation lines are upgraded to AC high voltage, and then pure negative DC high voltage is obtained by rectifying and filtering with special grade electronic materials. The negative DC high voltage is connected to the release tip made of metal or carbon elements. High corona is generated by the high DC high voltage at the tip, and a large number of electrons (e-) are emitted at high speed.Electrons do not exist in the air for long (they only have nS-class lifetime) and are immediately captured by oxygen molecules (O2) in the air to generate air anions.Usually, there are separate switches on the air conditioning panel, and some cars integrate this configuration into the fragrance system.