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The price of car air conditioning filter 2021-11-08
The price of the car air-conditioning filter element depends on the brand and model year of your car, as well as the material of the filter element. First of all, the most common car air-conditioning filter element on the market is the filter element of three materials (the car air-conditioning filter element is the only filter that filters the air outside the car and sends it to the car). The first is a purely non-woven fabric (white two-layer cloth) that can remove large particles, such as pollen, leaves, petals, small stones, and dust.

The fine harmful gases can still enter the car. The second type is slightly better. The carbon powder is pasted between the two layers of non-woven fabrics. Compared with the previous one, one more function is to remove formaldehyde and use activated carbon for adsorption. But the density is too large and the formaldehyde cannot be completely removed. The third type of HEPA+ honeycomb carbon filter, to be more straightforward, is to design a honeycomb-like appearance. The activated carbon can be packed a little more, and the filtering effect is higher than the second type.