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The composition and working principle of Car air conditioning heating system 2021-11-08
The heat source of the hot water heating system usually uses the cooling water of the engine, so that the cooling water flows through a heater core, and then a blower is used to blow the cold air through the heater core to heat the air, so that the temperature in the car rises
 The composition of the hot water heating system and the installation location of the components
The hot water heating system is mainly composed of heater core, water valve, blower, control panel, etc.

Heater core

Composed of water pipes and radiator fins, the cooling water of the engine enters the water pipes of the heater core, and then returns to the cooling system of the engine after dissipating heat through the radiator fins.

Water valve

The water valve is used to control the amount of water entering the heater core, thereby adjusting the heating amount of the heating system. When adjusting, it can be controlled by the adjustment lever or knob on the control panel


The blower consists of an adjustable-speed DC motor and a squirrel-cage fan. Its function is to blow the air through the heater core and heat it into the car. Adjusting the speed of the motor can adjust the amount of air sent to the cabin.