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How to Remove Air Conditioning Odor 2023-05-18

How to Remove Air Conditioning Odor
If you want to clean the air conditioner in the car by yourself, you must first choose an air conditioner cleaning agent with guaranteed quality. To distinguish the quality of car air conditioner cleaning agents, you must first ask for various test reports about cleaning agents, whether domestic products or foreign products, must be tested by relevant state departments, and all indicators can be used only after passing the test. To examine the pH value of the cleaning agent, it is better if the pH value is between 7 and 9. Strong acid or strong alkali will corrode auto parts.
When cleaning, strictly refer to the "Product Manual" of the cleaning agent for operation. First of all, remove the filter element of the car, put the air conditioner cleaning agent into the air inlet, and at the same time close the air outlet of the air conditioner to prevent the air conditioner cleaning agent from flowing out from the air outlet. After the above two steps are completed, start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and let the cleaning agent circulate in the air conditioning system. This step will last for a few minutes to ensure that the liquid circulates to all channels of the air conditioning system. About 5 minutes, turn off the air conditioner, turn off the car, and observe the liquid medicine flowing out of the drain. It can be seen that the yellow and black stains flow out from the pipeline system of the air conditioner located in the chassis with the liquid medicine. The dirtier the liquid, the more turbid it is. Turn on the air conditioner after cleaning. There should be no peculiar smell and the air should be fresh. If the air conditioner of your car is not very dirty, it is very economical to wash it in this way. Generally, it is more suitable for new cars to wash it in this way.