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Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after starting the car 2023-05-18
Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after starting the car
During the use of the automobile air conditioning system, the air will flow in the blower, the evaporator of the refrigeration system, the small water tank of the heating system and the air duct. As long as the air conditioning system blower is turned on or the air intake mode is selected to circulate indoors, the air will enter the above system regardless of whether the cooling unit is used or not. Over time, the surface of the above-mentioned devices accumulates a lot of dust, moisture, bacteria and other dirt, which will cause damage and allergic reactions to the human respiratory system and skin, directly affect the health of the occupants, and the air-conditioning system itself will also have poor cooling effect and air output. Minor glitches.
Generally, the cabin filter should be cleaned every 5,000 kilometers or 3 months, and the cabin filter should be replaced every 20,000 kilometers or 12 months. This ensures that you can enjoy a fresh and clean car interior environment and ensure your health.
how to use
If the car is parked under the scorching sun for a long time, do not use the air conditioner immediately after starting the car. Open all the windows first, start the external circulation, and discharge the hot air. After the temperature in the compartment drops, close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. The air conditioner should not be turned on and off frequently to prevent damage to the air conditioning system.