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Brief introduction of electric control system of electric bus 2021-02-23
Pure electric five-in-one controller
Vector control, high protection, high integration
The pure electric five-in-one integrated controller is a motor controller specially developed for the pure electric bus industry. Internally integrated TM motor driver, DC-DC for charging 24V battery, power steering driver, air compressor driver, high-voltage warehouse (including electric heating, electric defrosting, electric air conditioning and power-on buffer circuit). The product features high power density, strong environmental adaptability, and long design life.

Three characteristics:

Vector control
Accurate control improves efficiency while driving more comfortable and safer.
High protection
IP67 protection level, strong environmental adaptability;
High integration
Make full use of integration advantages, increase failure protection strategies, slow down and stop, and minimize driving risks

Significant advantages:

■ The use of integrated structural design reduces the number of packaged housings and wiring harness components, while improving electrical connection reliability.
■ The whole system has simple structure, low manufacturing cost and convenient installation, which is beneficial to the layout and assembly of the wiring harness of the whole vehicle, and has high economic benefits.