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The role of negative ion generator in bus air purifier 2022-05-20
There is a negative ion generator in the NEWBASE bus air purifier. What is the function of the negative ion generator?
Negative ion is a negative ion generator that uses pulses and oscillations to raise the low voltage to DC negative voltage, and uses the DC high voltage at the tip of the carbon brush to generate high corona, and releases a large number of electrons (e-) at high speed, and the electrons cannot exist in the air for a long time. (The existing electrons have a lifespan of only nS level), and they will be immediately captured by oxygen molecules (O2) in the air to form negative ions. Its working principle is consistent with the negative ion phenomenon generated by lightning in nature. Negative ions can not only make people feel fresh air, but also calm the nerves, promote sleep, increase appetite, absorb smoke, remove dust, improve myocardial and brain function, enhance body immunity, promote metabolism, regulate nervous function, and eliminate fatigue.
The negative ion generator enhances the purification effect of the bus air purifier.