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Photocatalyst in bus air purifier 2022-05-20
Photocatalysts are used in NEWBASE bus air purifiers. What is the function of photocatalyst?
1. Photocatalyst products are one of the most effective air purification methods in the world today, but their functions are mainly limited to purifying the air. The photocatalyst products with added negative ions release negative ions in the purified air, that is, the function of optimizing air quality is added to the clean air, so that you can enjoy the freshness of nature while having safe and clean air.
Second, the photocatalyst is the photocatalyst. It is a substance that can speed up the reaction between other reactants without changing itself before and after the reaction. Its main component is titanium dioxide.
3. Under the light, photocatalyst uses water vapor and oxygen in the air to remove pollutants, and has the functions of sterilization, deodorization, mildew prevention, self-purification and air purification.
The photocatalyst greatly enhances the purification effect of the NEWBASE air purifier.