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Improve the efficiency of the electric bus electronic control system through overmodulation technology 2021-02-23
We know that the loss of the inverter is mainly composed of switching loss and conduction loss. Among them, the conduction loss has a great relationship with the output current. Under the condition of a certain output power, the output voltage corresponding to the decrease of the output current needs to be increased accordingly.
In the circuit design process, adding overmodulation can effectively improve the field weakening area and output torque, increase the output voltage by 4%, and increase the peak power by about 4%, thereby improving the vehicle's dynamic performance in the high-speed area; adding overmodulation, In the case of the same output power, the current will be significantly reduced, which can reduce the heat generation of the system, increase the overload capacity of the controller, and improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Adding overmodulation can effectively increase the high fundamental voltage. Compared with no overmodulation, it can improve the efficiency of the motor, and the motor current can be significantly reduced (0-8%), which can effectively improve the continuous Driving mileage.
Our company specializes in the production of electric control systems for new energy electric buses.