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New energy vehicle high voltage electronic control system 2023-08-16
In new energy vehicles, high-voltage components include power batteries, high-voltage power distribution box PDUs, OBC on-board chargers, DC/DC converters, electric compressors, high-voltage wiring harnesses, etc. These components constitute the high-voltage system of the vehicle.
Among them, OBC on-board charger, DC/DC converter and high-voltage power distribution box PDU are the three core components of new energy vehicles.

01. OBC car charger

On-board charger (OBC) is a charger fixedly installed on a new energy electric vehicle. It has the ability to fully charge the power battery safely and automatically. According to the data provided by the battery management system BMS, it dynamically adjusts the charging current and Voltage parameters, perform corresponding actions, and complete the charging process.
The car charger is composed of two parts, the power supply part and the charger control board.
Among them, the main function of the power supply part is to convert single-phase 220V AC or three-phase 380V AC into DC power required by the power battery; the main board of the charger control board mainly controls, monitors, calculates, corrects, protects and communicates with the external network on the power supply part It is the "central brain" of the on-board charger.

02. DC/DC Converter

The DC/DC converter is a converter that converts a certain DC power supply voltage into any DC voltage. As an important part of the high-voltage electronic control system of new energy electric vehicles, its main function is to convert the high-voltage DC output from the power battery into 14V&28V low-voltage direct current, used for low-voltage electrical equipment of the whole vehicle and for charging small batteries.

03. High voltage distribution box

The high-voltage power distribution box is a high-voltage power distribution unit in the high-voltage system of new energy vehicles. It is composed of many high-voltage relays and high-voltage fuses. It also has built-in related chips to realize signal communication with related modules and ensure the safety of high-voltage power consumption of the vehicle.
In new energy electric vehicles, the high-voltage components connected to the high-voltage power distribution box include power batteries, OBC on-board chargers, DC/DC converters, motor controllers, etc.

04. Power battery

The power source of new energy electric vehicles is the power battery. The voltage of the power battery is mostly 100Vdc-400Vdc, and the output current can reach 300A. The capacity of the power battery affects the cruising range of the vehicle, and also affects the charging time and efficiency.