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Car air conditioner condenser 2021-01-05
         The condenser and the evaporator, although they are called differently, have similar structures. They are two important components in the automobile air conditioning system. Their function is to realize the heat between two fluids of different temperatures. They are usually called heat exchangers. . The condenser is a heat exchange device that transfers the high temperature and high pressure superheated refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor through the metal pipe wall and fins to release heat through the air outside the condenser, so that the superheated gaseous refrigerant is condensed into a high temperature and high pressure liquid.
        They are devices that are covered with metal sheets for heat dissipation on a row of winding pipes to realize heat exchange between the outside air and the material in the pipe. Condensation of the condenser refers to the heat dissipation of the refrigerant in the pipeline from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Its principle is similar to that of the engine's cooling water tank (the difference is that the water in the water tank is always liquid), so it is often installed in the front of the car, and together with the water tank, they can enjoy the cool breeze from the front. In short, where is the condenser cooler, so that it can dissipate heat and condense. The evaporator is the opposite of the condenser. It is the place where the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas (that is, evaporates) to absorb heat.
        The evaporator is connected with the expansion valve. It is a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant that is throttled by the expansion valve. It absorbs heat and vaporizes to the cooling effect. Its working principle is just the opposite of that of the condenser. The basic function of the expansion valve is to throttle and reduce pressure, so that the refrigerant entering the evaporator evaporates and absorbs heat at low temperature and low pressure to achieve cooling. In addition, it can also adjust the refrigerant flow into the evaporator according to the external heat load to make the evaporator Work in the best condition. The evaporator and the expansion valve are generally installed in the shell, and the condenser is generally installed in front of the intercooler.