Humidifying Air Purifier

Main functions:

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Purification function
3-layer filters,8-step purification
1. Pre-filter
Combined with AL frame, AL net and pre-filter media, located at the front of filtering unit, it can filter large particles such as dander, hair and dust for preliminary filter of the pollutant in the air. It can be also washable, extended service life, save cost for user.  
2. High Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA) layer
The HEPA filter is made of tiny organic fibre, with super adsorbability on the particulate matter. It s also with tiny pore radius, big adsorption capacity, excellent CADR as well as Water absorption.  The HEPA filter layer can filter the particulate matter in the air effectively mainly aiming at the national purification standard about PM2.5
3. Activated carbon filtration layer
The activated carbon has good and stable adsorbability, it belongs to super hydrophobic adsorbent. Its with compositive functions of adsorbing the bad smell, odour,moisture, virulence , sterilizing and purifying and so on, so that to improve the air quality in the room effectively.
4. Molecular sieve adsorbed layer
The molecular sieves particle in the activated carbon layer purify the air via absorption and exchange interaction. Its with high porosity and large surface area, with 50% interspace of total volume. There are many aperture formed after the interaction of high temperature activated zeolite, with excellent  adsorbability, it can adsorb the smaller gas molecule and moisture than itself, keep the bigger molecule out, extends the activated carbon life, save cost for user.
5. Photocatalyst filter layer
A.  Antimicrobial properties The photocatalyst combined with UV light can degerm the air partly, and with effective and wide disinfection property, it can inhibit and kill most of common pathogens.
B.   Purify air. The photocatalyst can decompose the organic compounds and hazardous substance in the air effectively. During decomposing,the photocatalyst is only acting the part of site but not participate in the chemical reaction, so it has a long-term life.
6. UV  layer
The UV light can destroy the molecular chain structure of particulate matter for sterilizing.  Combined with photocatalyst,  its able to not only kill the harmful germs but also activate the catalytic efficiency of photocatalyst.
7. Anion filtration layer
The smoke dust, fine dust or floating dust and such other particulate matter with positive charge can adsorb the negative ion in the air easily, coagulate and form to big particle ,then fall down. thereby to purify the air. Whats more, the anion can promote human body to generate and store vitamins, strengthen and activate the physical activity of body, so it is praised as “Vitamins in the air in medical field.
8. Physical humidifying
The airflow formed in built-in air duct, drives the activity of water molecule from humidifying net, its very suitable for air conditioned room.

 Technical Data




Item Name

Air Purifier A350

Item number


Rated voltage

220V AC

Rated frequency


Rated input power




Clean Air Delivery Rate for PM(CADRPM

550m3 /h

Cumulate Clean Mass for PM(CCMPM


Clean Capacity for PM

6.3(high-efficiency level)

Clean Air Delivery Rate for formaldehyde(CADRformaldehyde

68m3 /h

Clean Capacity for formaldehyde

1(high-efficiency level)

Application area

28m3 -49m3

Purification method

3 layers filters, 8-step purification

Main material


Fan speed

4 grades







Power cord length


Sensor type

dust sensor, humidity & temperature sensor


 Technical innovation



Double security protection.

If the machine topples over or vibrates strongly suddenly during usage, the built-in safety device would cut the power supply  for risk of damage, and the machine will go back to previous working mode once back to normal standing.

If the front panel is removed, the machine will stop working, to avoid the kids contacting the fan motor in case of kids misoperation.


The UV light inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and reactivation of virus high effectively and continuously.


The anion function can input lots of vitamin in the air like forest air, improve the air composition, get a ecological living environment.

Clean air

The air purifier delivers clean air into the room, which is the lifespring and healthy source, though multiple filtering and advanced purification technology.

Smart control

The built-in microchip can detect and handle the air quality in the room automatically, drive the air purifier to work high efficiently under  air pollution and enter into low-power mode after purification finished smartly.

The timing function can turn off the machine after 24hrs automatically when users forget to shut down, for sake of economy.

Calibration of air grid fan direction

Press Fan Speed key for 5s under shut-down state to start the stepper motor to turn off the air grid fan, press Fan Speed key again to stop the stepper motor. Then the fan direction would be stored as 0, if need calibrate it again, restart the machine.


After turn off the light strip, when the ambient light turn dark, all the display brightness would turn lambent.

WIFI function (optional)

Please operate refer to WIFI manual when choose the machine with WIFI function. 


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