• hvac control assy
CJ210209 Car HVAC Control Assy for Peugeot SAINA AT

Main functions:

  • cooling
  • Warming
  • Linear temp. adjustment
  • Fresh air
  • demist
  • air blowing mode

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CJ210209 is initially designed for passenger car HVAC system. The control function includes Cooling, heating, Front glass demist, fresh air damper, Auto Temperature setting, air flow direction, etc. Through delicate climate change control, it realize the most comfortable environment for passengers.



Mode Actuator Feedback 模式电机反馈信号

+5V output  +5V输出

The ground of car (for actuator) 汽车电地线(用于执行器)

Mode Actuator + 模式电机正

Mode Actuator - 模式电机负

Airmix Actuator Feedback 冷暖伺服电机反馈

Airmix Actuator+ 冷暖伺服电机正

Airmix Actuator- 冷暖伺服电机负


Blower Signal Feedback 蒸发调速模块反馈

Blower PWM Control Signal 蒸发PWM控制信号


Fresh/Rec Actuatorto Fresh position)内外循环电机(新风)

Fresh/Rec Actuatorto Rec position)内外循环电机(内循环)


Compressor request signal 压缩机请求信号 (0V)


CJ210209 Car HVAC Control Assy is an OEM part specially for the car Peugeot Saina At
Part code  ACOPA32001

Main function







Fresh Air


Auto control


Air flow regulation


Air blowing setting




1. The 0-10V fan speed control signal design guarantee the fan speed increase/decrease at the required curve. In usage, it could prevent the passenger from noise, sharp droping/increasing of the fan speed


2. The mix heating control. The CCU calculate the heating water valve actuator stopping position and give instruction accordingly, so as to get the perfect temperature change curve. In usage, the passenger cannot feel sharp drop/increasing of the Temeperature


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